One Woman Team Wins Championship

Deidre Hahn

St. Paul, Minn–Near the Canadian border is a town most of you may not know. The town is called, Warroad. It has a population of only 1,781 people. Deidre Hahn is one of those residents and participated this weekend in the MSHSL Track and Field Championships. She is a senior out of Warroad High School who competed in four events including:  the long jump, the high jump, the 100m dash, and the 200m dash.

Entering the finals on Saturday, Hahn’s Warroad team was leading all other Class A girls teams with 24 points. What makes this astounding is Deidre Hahn is the only person on her team.  All 24 points were earned by Hahn. On Friday she took first place in both the long jump and the high jump, earning her 12 points for each victory.

Hahn competed Saturday in the 100m and 200m finals. She respectively took third place in the 100m and second place in the 200m dash.  Her strong finish to the tournament combined with her 24 points on Friday earned her school the 2013 Girls A Team Championship (tied with Milaca) with a total of 42 points.

When asked how she felt about being around all these teams that have five or six people she said, “It’s just cool to come down and represent all the small towns.” She followed that by saying, “It’s kind of intimidating actually.”

What’s ironic about that last statement is how intimidated the field should have been of her. Hahn placed in every single event she competed in. When asked how she viewed her performance Hahn was shocked at how well she had done.

“… I’m still a little shocked that I did so well. I hoped [I would do well] but I never thought it was going to be possible to do.”

Three hundred fifty miles separate Warroad from St. Paul, but that didn’t stop her hometown from supporting her.

“I’ve been getting a lot of texts, Facebook messages, and Twitter [interactions].”

With a small tear in his eye, Coach Alen Rybolt said, “I feel pretty dog-gone good for her.”

Not only did Hahn single handedly win the Girls Class A Team Championship at the MSHSL State Tournament, she also is Valedictorian at her school. Hahn plans on attending NDSU to study Pharmacy.

Hahn said her celebratory meal of choice would be a “Steak. Raw.”

– Jonathan Wurst

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Deidre Hahn
Hahn Finished First in the High Jump
Photo by Nick Adams
(Supreme Images Photography)
Deidre Hahn
Hahn Races in the 200m Dash
Photo by Nick Adams
(Supreme Images Photography)




Deidre Hahn
Hahn Receiving Her Second Place Medal for the 200m Dash
Photo by Nick Adams
(Supreme Images Photography)

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  1. Deidre, Congratulations! You’ve achieved the State Championship, single handedly, and a new record at WHS! WOW!

  2. Congratulations, Deidre:) We are so very proud of all that you have accomplished! The Reeves Family.

  3. Awesome Deidre, congrats to you….you rocked that State meet!!!!! Outstanding accomplishment!!!!!

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