Caged Chaos 4 at Canterbury Park Results

Professional Fights

Damion Hill vs Jordan Parsons – Parsons wins with guillotine choke at 1:10 of round one.
Jose Pacheco vs Dan Moret 145 lbs – Moret wins by north south choke at 3:17 of round two.
Victor Moreno vs Benjamin Smith 170 lbs – Smith wins at 1:38 of round one – inverted keylock.
Nate Hoffman vs Marcelo Nunes 190 lbs – Nunes wins by arm bar at 3:06 of round one.
Jesse Midas vs Nate Howe 175 lbs – Howe wins at 2:32 of round one by rear naked choke.
Garrett Olson vs Reese Hernandez 190 lbs – Hernandez wins by rear naked choke at 3:06 of first round.
Shane Dezee vs Matt Larson Heavyweight – Larson wins by TKO at 1:09 of round one.
Dale Bennett vs Mark Sainci 125 lbs – Sainci wins by rear naked choke at 1:07 of first round.

Amateur Fights

Jesse Rogge vs Jesse Wannemacher 150 lbs – Wannemacher wins by verbal submission at :58 of 3rd round.
Tony Francis vs Charles Anozie 160 lbs – Anozie wins by guillotine choke 2:00 in the first round.
Darrien Mackiel vs Dustin Murphy 143 lbs – Murphy wins by KO 28 seconds into the first round.
Marc Renville vs Calvin Grube 150 lbs – Renville wins with triangle choke at 2:24 of 3rd round.
Erik Newman vs Jason Huntley 135 lbs – Fight ends in a draw – 29-28, 28-29, 29-29.
Brian Shover vs Michael Walsh 185 lbs – Walsh wins at 1:21 mark of first round by TKO.
Marc Gomez vs Michael Jokondo 125 lbs – Jokondo wins in a unanimous decision.


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