Minnesota boxing and MMA – diamonds in the rough turning heads around the country

There are a number of young boxers and mixed martial arts fighters that are looking to place Minnesota back on the map when it comes to fight sports.

Last Friday, June 21, 2013, Minnesota native Caleb Truax entered the boxing ring to face Don “Da Bomb” George, a Chicago boxer with a mean right hand who has knocked out 24 of the 30 boxers he has defeated.

Truax, the underdog coming into the fight, dominiated George in the first two rounds landing a series of well place right hands to the body that sent the crowd into a frenzy.  George, having been wounded in the opening two rounds, was nots not the boxer that fans were accustomed to seeing as Truax seemingly was landing well-placed punches at will.

Truax had found George’s weakness, punishing the Chicago native with body blows that took a lot out of him and slowed the tempo of the bout.  The sixth round proved to be Truax’s moment as he backed George up against the ropes with a lightning fast combination of jabs and body shots.  George was caught with a left hand to the body that caused him to grimace and reach down to his body leaving his head open for a well place right hand to the ear that sent George to the canvas.

George hit the mat face first and was not able to get up before the ten count expired as Truax ran around the ring acknowledging friends and family in the crowd before congratulating his corner and trainers.   Truax’s win on national television was a great opportunity to highlight Minnesota as a location for boxing excellence.

Another Minnesota fighter making waves nationally is Mike “The Marine” Richman who trains at The Academy in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.  Richman served with The Marines until 2008 when he turned his focus to a career in mixed martial arts (MMA).

Richman’s journey, started in Minneapolis, has taken him all over the country including auditions with The Ultimate Fighter and most recently a contract with Bellator MMA Championship Tournaments.  He still maintains is relationships with the local Minnesota MMA community.

These are just two of the recent Minnesota success stories.  There are several groups who organize MMA and boxing events for local fighters, the places that developed Truax and Richman.  Sterling Entertainment Group, a group with ties to Richman holds events in the Twin Cities that are open to the public.  You can find more information about upcoming Mixed Martial Arts events in Minnesota at http://www.mnmmanews.com.  Sterling Entertainment Group also shared a poster for the upcoming event on June 29, 2013. (see below).

We will be covering this event and would love to hear your questions for the fighters and fans.  If you have a question you would like to have answered please send a note to news@mnsportsreport.com and we will be selecting a few questions to ask the participants on Saturday night.

The Minnesota Sports Report is dedicated to bringing Minnesota Sports fans an eclectic view of Minnesota sports through images.  If you have a sports related story idea please send us a note to news@mnsportsreport.com, we enjoy hearing your feedback.

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