Minnesota Swarm players helping young players hone their lacrosse skills

The Minnesota Swarm entered the National Lacrosse League in the 2005 season.  Since then the team has not only been improving on the turf, they have been introducing the Minnesota sports community to the game of Box Lacrosse, a game that incorporates many sports into one giving fans an electrifyingly fast paced action game with high scoring.  There are, on average 25 goals scored in each game.

The Swarm has been instrumental in the growth of the Minnesota Box Lacrosse League.  Starting on August 6 through August 9, several members of the Minnesota Swarm including assistant coach Aimee Caines and forwards Ryan Benesh and Corbyn Tao will join Minnesota Youth Box Lacrosse coach Mike Holvig to help young lacrosse players sharpen their skills.

The camp is open to players age 8-15 and will cover speed and agility training as well as the fundamentals needed to develop one’s individual skills.  If you are interested in the camp more information can be found at http://www.playlikeaprolacrosse.com and registration is open until July 29, 2013.

The Minnesota Swarm has one of the youngest teams in the NLL and is looking to improve on their 7-9 record.  The Swarm lost their captain to a knee injury early in the season and struggled through the middle part of their schedule.  They were able to work out their struggles by the end of the season ending the regular season winning four of their last six games and going on to win the first round of the playoffs by dominating the Toronto Rock in Toronto.

Stay tuned to The Minnesota Sports Report for updates and news in the Swarm off season.

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