Knockouts and submissions highlighted Havoc at High 5 II

It was a gorgeous Minnesota summer evening as a crowd gathered outside the High 5 Bar and Grill in Burnsville.  These fans were not just out for a fun evening at the bar, they were some of Minnesota’s MMA faithful looking forward to another night of electrifying mixed martial arts (MMA) action from the some of the top young talent in Minnesota.

This night’s fight card did not feature names that are well-known to the public but MMA fans, the ones who know and train with the fighters, were excited to see their friends and teammates compete.  One attendee, a fighter himself, smiled when I asked which fights he was looking forward to seeing.  He started down the fight card excitedly telling me which fights would end in knock out and which would be ended by submission

The two fights he said not to miss did not disappoint, both were cut short in first or second round electrifying knockouts.  In fact, if you like knockouts and submissions this was the night for you as only one of the nine fights went to judges scorecard while four of the nine fights ended in the first round.

The main event of the evening was a grudge match between Derek Getzel and Jordan Parsons.  The fighters had their fill of words for each other before the fight.  As the fighters entered the ring Getzel was cool and calm while Parsons entered the ring like a shark stalking and circling his prey, eyes focused like a laser on his opponent.

Parsons appeared to have the upper hand early and looked more focused in the first round.  Getzel did not appear to go on offense until the second and third rounds, finding his mark with several well placed kicks to the stomach and head.  In the end Parson impressed the judges enough to win by unanimous decision even though neither fighter appeared to be in terribly much trouble throughout the fight.

Some notable moments were the recovery and dominance shown by a young fighter from Illinois, Zach Friday, who was twisted into a pretzel and appeared would lose his foot at one point in early in the fight.  Friday never panicked despite Jack Shreffler’s incredible pressure on his knee and ankle.  Friday held on until the end of the first round.  In the second round, the lanky young Friday out maneuvered his opponent and emerged victorious by sinking a deep guillotine choke in, ending the fight.

Andre Tieva ended his bout in dramatic knockout fashion by landing a right hand to the head of Ben Miller, sending him to the mat and prompting the referee to end the fight before Tieva could land any more blows.  For more coverage from Havoc at High 5 and other MMA events in Minnesota check out Minnesota MMA News.

Thank you to the folks at Driller Promotions and Sterling Entertainment Group for letting us cover the event.  If you are interested in attending one of their events in the future you can find a complete list of upcoming events on their Facebook page or at  Stay tuned to The Minnesota Sports Report for continued coverage of Minnesota’s sports events.

Below you will find the complete results from the evening.

Amateur Fights

Caleb Merth

Mike Steger

Winner: Merth – 1:53 2nd Round – Submission: Rear Naked Choke
Mark Sainci

Jason Huntley

Winner: Sainci – 2:24 1st Round – Submission: Rear Naked Choke
Angel Pacheco

Matt Turek

Winner: Pacheco – 0:11 2nd Round – TKO
Jack Shreffler

Zach Friday

Winner: Friday – 2:10 2nd Round – Submission: Guillotine Choke

Professional Preliminaries

Bruce Johnson

Clarence Jordan

Winner: Johnson – 2:34 2nd Round – Submission: Rear Naked Choke
Ben Miller

Andre Tieva

Winner: Tieva – 0:54 1st Round – KO
Frankie Johnson

Jimmy Zidek

Winner: Zidek – 3:51 1st Round – TKO

Co-Main Event – Driller Promotions Amateur Flyweight Title

Mitch White

Jake Schommer

Winner: White  – 0:36 1st Round – Submission: Guillotine Choke

Main Event

Derek Getzel

Jordan Parsons

Winner: Parsons – Unanimous Decision 
































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