Sports Car Club of America’s Harvey West Memorial Day Classic

The Sports Car Club of America featured regional and national amateur car racers facing off at the Brainerd International Raceway


 The Land O’ Lakes region of the SCCA again hosted amateur racers from across the country to compete in a multitude of classes that feature race cars from tube framed GT purpose built racers to showroom stocks to open wheel formula racers for both Regional and National points. For more info and complete results go to

The following paragraph is an excerpt from the The Sports Car Club of America’s “About Us” section at

Since 1944, SCCA has championed one mission: To bring motorsports to the masses of American men and women who are passionate about automobiles, speed and competition. From National Championships to regional events, whether professional or amateur, we exist to organize, support and develop auto racing at every level and provide an outlet for you to get out of the armchair and into the action. So, whether your passion is autocrossing, rallying or road racing as a professional or as a weekend warrior, SCCA wants to help you fuel your passion.

Story and photos by Rick Corwine

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