Gophers lacrosse battle Bulldogs at the U

Minneapolis, April 12 – 2014

The University of Minnesota Gophers hosted the University of Minnesota – Duluth Bulldogs for an MCLA Div. 1 game at the Gibson-Nagurski Football Complex this afternoon.

Both teams showed great strength and stamina, and a strong desire to win. Both teams did a good job passing the ball quickly to move the ball up field. The Gophers seemed to use a standard 3-2-1 offense, capitalizing on the speed of both their middies and their attack. The Bulldogs were well set in a 2-2-2- offense, but transitioned nicely when needed. At halftime, the score was 5-5, reflecting strong shooting and goal keeping by both teams.

It was during the last half of the game that the Bulldogs experience as a national contender came out, as they were able to secure both faceoffs and ground balls better than the Gophers, who had their fair share of scoring opportunities. It was just that the Bulldogs were able to capitalize on theirs better. As things got increasingly quiet on the Gopher’s bench, the raucousness on the Bulldog side grew, both in intensity and pride.

No one should underestimate the Gophers as they have grown considerably this season, and will undoubtedly continue under the leadership of Coach Rich Limpert. The broad range of national competition experience the Duluth Bulldogs bring, under the leadership of Coach Sam Litman, and the intensity shown by their players was just too much for the Gophers today as the Bulldogs win 14-10.

Photos and story by Peter Russell and are used by permission.  You can see the original story here.

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