DeLaSalle wins third consecutive MSHSL Boys’ State Tournament sending Austin packing

The DeLaSalle Islanders took care of business against the Austin Packers.  In the process the Islanders picked up their third consecutive MSHSL Class AAA title.

The score was 33-20 at halftime.  My the end of the game DeLaSalle had opened up a 20 point lead and won by 60-40.

The game featured one of Minnesota’s top recruited basketball players, Reid Travis, who will be attending Stanford University next year.  Travis played 32 minutes and picked up 16 points and five rebounds.  Also notable for DeLaSalle was Sacar Anim (13 pts, 2 reb) and James Lawson who snatched 11 rebounds and scored nine points.

For the Packers, Ajuda Nywesh scored 24 points and Zach Wessels picked up six rebounds.

DeLaSalle scored 40 points in the paint during this game, as many points as the Packers scored all game.  This was really the key to the game as the Packers were forced to shoot from the perimeter and made only 14 of their 46 attempts.

DeLaSalle wins their third consecutive state tournament and send their seniors out with a 60-40 dominant win in the state tournament.

Coming up next, the Hopkins Royals will take on the Lakeville North for the Class AAAA title.  Stay tuned to The Minnesota Sports Report for a recap and photos from the game.

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