Wayzata pulls off quarterfinal win over Champlin Park

The Wayzata High School Trojans boys lacrosse team played their State quarterfinal game against the Champlin Park Rebels yesterday, June 10th, at Chaska high school.

The matchup was anticipated to be a good one, as Champlin Park (14-0)  had won narrowly against the Trojans (12-4) earlier in the year.

Both teams spent a large part of the first quarter getting into the rhythm of things, and there was little shooting for the first 10 minutes of the game when suddenly, Champlin Park senior middie, Luke Dalman scored the tournament’s first goal. Wayzata’s junior middie,  Adam Grooms came back within a minute and tied the game.

Wayzata moved the ball well and showed a good, aggressive, measured defense and a fast offense, but seemed to wait for the perfect shot to develop rather than shoot when an opportunity presented itself. Similarly, as the second period progressed, Champlin Park showed good offensive ball movement and a more spirited defense, preventing Wayzata from getting inside shooting opportunities and forcing them to the outside. By the time halftime came around, Wayzata was up 3-1.

Champlin Park started the second half more aggressively with the offense moving the ball circularly, both clockwise and counter clockwise, through X (behind the goal). By doing this, they were eventually able to find the opening they were waiting for and scored the second half’s first goal,bringing the score to 3-2 in Wayzata’s favor. Besides for some ground-ball action, the second quarter progressed without either team really take it upon themselves to take control of the game and make something big happen. One was left to wonder if either team really wanted to advance to the next round.

Wayzata scored six minutes in to the third quarter, increasing their lead to 4-2. Junior middie, Gage Monson from Champlin Park scored his team’s third goal virtually unopposed by Wayzata’s defense, and at this point, the game seemed up for grabs, as the third quarter ended with Wayzata leading 4-3.

With 8.38 left in the fourth quarter, Wayzata scored their fifth goal on a beautifully executed outside pass to a cutter just entering the zone, who buried the ball  in Champlin Park’s goal. Champlin Park came back with 23 seconds left of the game to score, but it was not enough to advance as Wayzata wins 5-4 over Champlin Park.

Wayzata next plays Eden Prairie in the semifinals on Thursday, June 12th at 5.00 pm at Chanhassen High School.



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