White Bear battles Eden Prairie and almost wins!

Within the first 13 minutes of the first quarter, the 14-1 White Bear Lake boys lacrosse team had scored three times against 14-2 opponents Eden Prairie to take a solid 3-0 lead in yesterday’s State High School boys lacrosse quarterfinals, at Chaska High School.

The White Bear team showed both poise and aggressiveness when it counted, scoring twice with medium range shots from the left. Their third goal  was the result of a beautiful, long clear from the goalie to a middie downfield who quickly passed the ball to a cutter, who took the shot from mere feet away. Nice, crisp lacrosse! Sophomore middie, JD Spielman scored the Eagles first goal shortly after, and this was quickly followed up with another goal, leaving the first quarter score 3-2 for White Bear.

It appeared that White Bear was surfing on an emotional wave as they came out for the second quarter, while the Eagles seemed more subdued.

With 4.53 left in the second quarter, Eden Prairie’s senior attackman, Charlie Venable fired off a mid-distance shot from the left of the goal and tied the game 3-3. A minute later, Eden Prairie was challenged again when senior attackman, David Costello scored Bear’s fourth goal, taking the lead 4-3.  The lead did not last long, however when the Eagles came back to score, tying the game 4-4. Relentlessly, White Bear came back again and scored their fifth goal on a snappy give-and-go. With only 41 seconds left in the first half, Charlie Venable usds his classic jump-shot from 20 feet out and scored the tying goal for Eden Prairie. Their enthusiasm would be short lived as White Bear’s junior attackman cut towards the goal, receiving a pass from over the goal from X,scoring the last goal of the half with only four seconds left. As the teams left for their half-time break, White Bear led 6-5.

The third quarter passed pretty uneventfully with both teams fighting for control of the ball, and the game. Even at this late point in the game, Eden Prairie had yet to fire on all cylinders, and they were clearly getting frustrated by White Bear’s aggressive and fluid offence and defence. The boys from White Bear were taking the shots, not needing the perfect opportunity, but rather, taking the chance and shooting a lot. With 4.42 left in the third quarter, Eagle JD Spielman was finally able to get a solid grip on the ball and ripped a shot from middle distance into the goal, tying the game at 6-6.

A bit more than four minutes into the fourth quarter, the Eagles took the lead for the first time , and scored again shortly afterwards when freshman attackman, Nick Leiverman shot a low-to-low rocket, putting the Eagles up with a two-goal lead. As the scoreboard lit up with a bright orange 8 in the Eden Prairie column, the Eagles appeared to have finally sparked to life. With 4.38 left in the game, Eden Prairie’s JD Spielman was slashed hard and went down hard. He remained down, holding his leg, and the team trainer was called. Fortunately, JD was able to leave the field under his own power after nearly 30 seconds, and headed for the bench. With 2.43 left in the game, White Bear scored. bringing the score to 8-7 in the Eagle’s favor. With 1.19 left, it was White Bear that gained possession of the ball and had the scoring opportunity. With 43 seconds left, they shot, but the ball missed the goal, but they are able to retain possession. Once again, they take the shot, but it is stopped, and Eden Prairie gains a critical possession. With 27 seconds left, Eden Prairie takes a timeout, but quickly  lost possession. With 8 seconds left, and the ball went to the Bear’s goalie who throws a huge clear downfield. The clearing pass is caught with only seconds left on the clock, a shot rocketed towards goal, but was caught by senior goalie Max Fahey, and as the siren blasted the end of the game, Eden Prairie pulled off an 8-7 win over White Bear.






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