Bellmont Stakes at Canterbury Park – A day plagued by tough breaks

It was a dreary rainy morning as horse race fans filed through the gates of Canterbury Park on June 7, 2014.  The rain had made the track a sloppy, muddy mess.  Before any races commenced, the track announced that all the scheduled turf races were moved to the dirt track.

The grooming tractors were transformed into modified rollers, smoothing out the horse hoof tracks instead of turning up the soil as they usually do.

Between the second and third race the Tote Machines, the electronic betting machines at Canterbury Park, went down causing delaying race three.  The problem ended up being a machine/server crash in Portland, OR, taking down betting machines across the country.

The angst was high as customers complained that they were losing out on bets from around the country. It was surmised that the scene was being repeated throughout the country as the central hub in Portland powered many of the country’s betting machines.

Stay tuned for updates from the Canterbury Park Stakes as well as reports from the Bellmont races, coming later today.


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