Caged Chaos 5 at Cantebury Park: Sterling Entertainment Group & Driller Promotions’ latest gem

The Fight Card went as follows – Click on a link for photos of the fight.

Dale Walters vs. Jason Huntley in fight 1
Jason Allred vs. Ben Anderson in fight 2
Jesse Rogge vs. Dustin Murphy in fight 3
Otis Hamilton vs. Garrett Sowman in fight 4
Eric Johnson vs. Joe Cook in fight 5
Nate Hoffman vs. Jake Immel in fight 6
Brian Learn vs. Pat Magdaleno in fight 7 (Knockout of the night)
Alex Figueroa vs. Randy Lene in fight 8
Ben Miller vs. Ben Locken in fight 9
Brandon Stoyanoff vs. Kyle Todd in fight 10
Pam Sorenson vs. Christina Jobe in fight 11
Chelsi Westdorp vs. Hope Sanfter in fight 12
KC Scott vs. Berta Gray in fight 13
Kevin Asplund vs. Matt Larson in fight 14
Matt Rider vs. Ben Neumann in fight 15
Jesse Wannemacher vs. Sean Richman in fight 16 – Featherweight Title Fight
Derrick Mandell vs. John Castaneda in fight 17 – Main Event
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