Championship Snocross invades Canterbury Park transforming horse track into winter sledding playground

Photo Credit Matt Blewett/The Minnesota Sports Report

Canterbury Park in Shakopee, Minnesota is host to horse racing from Memorial Day until Labor Day.  During the winter months the racetrack resembles a ghost town most days while the card casino remains open.  On January 3-4, 2014 the track and building became abuzz with one of the coldest and craziest events of the year, Championship Snocross.

With 2014 just days old was track that is home to race horses in the summer was transformed with several tons of snow into a technically challenging series of jumps and whoops by the ISOC Snocross track team.  The forecast for the two-day event was frigid with single digit and sub-zero temperatures.

Photo Credit Matt Blewett/The Minnesota Sports Report
Photo Credit Matt Blewett/The Minnesota Sports Report

Entering Friday’s main event, Snocross legend Tucker Hibbert sat tied with Blair Morgan as the winningest racer in history with 84 wins.  Hibbert had two days of racing to break the record, it only took one as the Pelican Rapids, Minn. native took first place in Friday’s 14 lap main event.  See photos from Friday here.

With the temperatures on Saturday set to dip 30+ degrees below freezing the main event, scheduled for 9:00 pm, looked to be a frigid affair.   In the Pro-Lite main event, the race preceding the Pro-Open, the wind picked up, creating near white out conditions in the landing area of the jumps and around the turns.  The leader of the pack had a good look at the landing but everyone behind him had to land blind finely frozen snow cloud hung five to ten feet above the track.

Hibbert narrowly won the Saturday main event, defeating Ross Martin to complete a clean sweep of the Canterbury Park stop of the ISOC Snocross circuit.

Inside the floors of Canterbury Park were filled with activities for young and old alike including a spot to race remote-controlled vehicles provided by Traxxas.  Upstairs vendors had their wares for sale including local companies such as Cities Edge as well as numerous national companies.


Photo Credit Matt Blewett/The Minnesota Sports Repor Photo Credit: Rick Corwine/The Minnesota Sports Report


Photo Gallery of day 1 races.

Photo Gallery of day 2 races.




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