Vikings overwhelm visiting Raiders in squall-like conditions

The Minnesota Vikings improved their record to 11-4 against the Oakland Raiders, defeating them in in week two of the 2015 NFL Preseason on August 22, 2015. The pre-game warm-ups were delayed because of lightning and there was great speculation that the game might have to be delayed due to weather.

The game started only minutes late on a very windy and rainy night. The heavy rain held off until late in the second quarter when, due to lightning, the game was put on hold. Minutes after players exited the field, and after the announcer encouraged fans to seek shelter at Mariucci Arena across the street, the skies opened and rain poured down, at times sideways, delaying the conclusion of the first half by about an hour. The halftime entertainment, the Minnesota Vikings junior cheerleaders, would also be delayed, but they did get their enthusiastic performance in during the shortened halftime break.

Ex-Viking first round pick, Christian Ponder, returned to the field in Minnesota after the rain delay and led the Raiders to a touchdown, much the chagrin of Vikings fans who heckled him mercilessly.

It was Chase Ford and Adam Thielen, in the third and fourth quarters that stood out, making acrobatic catches and absorbing punishment while protecting the football.

The Vikings would win 20-12 (for whatever it means to win a preseason game) but coaches were not too happy with the performance. Zimmer mentioned specifically playing off the defender on defense and the kicking team.

A concern on the day was kicker Blaire Walsh who, after making a brilliant start two years ago in the Metrodome, has struggled outdoors. Walsh missed three field goals and an extra point in the swirling squall-like conditions at TCF Bank Stadium on Saturday night.

Special teams coach Mike Priefer was not happy and they will have some work to do before the regular season starts.

The team, overall, is looking good and, once Adrian Peterson returns to the backfield, after the regular season starts, the team will likely look much better. Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has made strides in finding open receivers and has found a connection with receiver Charles Johnson.

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