US Bank Stadium’s second concert features tests structural integrity

It was a quiet, peaceful afternoon in Minneapolis, Minnesota as metal-heads and Metallica fans congregated along the plaza outside US Bank Stadium to break in and test the integrity of the glassy exterior of the stadium in the third event ever in the new building.  Reviews of the stadium’s acoustics were mediocre the night before after country music star Luke Bryant broke in the venue’s concert gear.

The louder the better was the outcome.  As the stadium filled up, as the headliners’ moment came near, the sound got louder.  Whether it was the increased attendance that helped the acoustics or whether the increased volume helped, the sound appeared to improve as the night went on.

For the 50,000+ fans who attended the concert, convergence between watching several of the best hard rock/metal bands around while being some of the first to enter the cavernous stadium bowl it was an awe inspiring experience.  The Vikings will open the preseason on August 28 against the Chargers.

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