Matt Blewett

Spartan Race SGX coach tip #8

Burpees – 30 burpees cannot take you “down”.

Newbies, start by resting 10 seconds every 5 reps, then, increase the number of reps over time. Work at it until you’re doing 30 without a problem. Besides, if you master the burpee, you don’t have to fear failing an obstacle. You can just accept your penalty with dignity and grace – executing it with […]

 Matt Blewett

Spartan Race SGX coach tip #7

Spend more time on your feet.

If your race is 2-3 hours, you need to have at least one workout a week that gets you close/exceeds that (low intensity, OK)​.​ The only way to learn how to travel far is practice. It’s just as mental as it is physical. Gain confidence by spending time on your feet. From now on, standing […]

 Matt Blewett

Spartan Race SGX coach tip #6

Learn to go hard (and soft).

There is nothing steady or regular about a Spartan event. Your heart rate will be all over the place. Practice ​Intervals – Hard 1:1′s (work:rest ratio) work up from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.​ Practice putting your body through the whole spectrum of intensities. ​ Previous Tip: Be explosive!    Next Tip: Spend more ​time on […]

 Matt Blewett

Spartan Race SGX coach tip #5

Be explosive!

Sometimes you need to power over an obstacle at full strength. Especially if you need to carry your body PLUS a sandbag or atlas stone. ​Practice power – max effort sub 5 second efforts, long active-recovery periods, repeat. Think broad jumps.​ Learn to harness all your power for an explosive moment of moving yourself (and […]

 Matt Blewett

Spartan Race SGX coach tip #4

Get a grip – a lot of it. You’ll need it.

Without work you’ll be falling from obstacles as you tire during your race. And don’t be so specific when practicing. We’ll probably find a way to beat your plans – it’s not all monkey bars. Try ​constantly varied styles, and gripping for a long time. Some obstacles require several minutes under tension.​ Don’t be that […]

 Matt Blewett

Spartan Race SGX coach tip #1

(Re)learn how to move!​

Get in touch with your inner animal and child and start moving naturally again. Odds are, you’ve been behind a computer too much. Coordinated bodyweight movements​ are vital for navigating yourself through our course​ – think crawling patterns, single leg squats, leaps, and bounds.​ You need to be nimble and strong, flexible and coordinated. You […]

 Matt Blewett

Spartan Race SGX coach tip #3

Learn to be still – it takes strength!

Do Accumulations – i.e. typically no movement, think forward leaning rest in high plank (push-up) position, back extension holds, and isolated lunges. Accumulate 3-5 minute holds.​ Channel your inner gymnast or Shaolin monk!​ Previous Tip: It’s not all about pumping up!   Next Tip: G​et a g​rip – a lot of it​. You’ll need it. View the […]

 Matt Blewett

Spartan Race SGX coach tip #2

It’s not all about pumping up!

Be versatile in all types of movement. ​Eccentrics – i.e. “negatives”, think jump to negative pull-ups and dips. Examples: Lower yourself extra slow from the top of your pull-up vs. dropping to the bottom position. Downhill Running. ​Our race isn’t the traditional gym, an artificial environment made to make your muscles inflate. You need to […]

 Matt Blewett

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